English Garden Furniture Company has been supplying interior designers and patio specialty stores for more than 50 years and offers you the only quality patio furniture still manufactured in the United States (not in China).

We shape the seats of our benches and chairs so no cushions are necessary.

We offer you a huge selection of Sunbrella® outdoor fabrics for your chaise lounges, club chairs, and ottoman cushions from our upholstery facility which is included in our prices.

Most patio furniture is made of hollow, extruded metal, or wrought iron — which will rust. By contrast, our furniture is made of 90% aluminum alloy and we offer a lifetime guarantee on the construction, since our furniture is welded together and not bolted like most other manufacturers.

Our finish is powder coated at a temperature of 380° using a zinc oxide primer. It’s then baked two more times in our ovens for long lasting exterior use.

English Garden offers our clients wholesale prices that amount to 40% or less than retail prices when you purchase directly from our factory outlet in San Rafael.

We can offer you blanket wrapped delivery service to your home within a week of all furniture in stock and process custom orders within three weeks.

You are invited to come to our Showroom and Warehouse to see and try-out the most beautiful, rust-proof, cast aluminum outdoor/indoor furniture in the world at wholesale prices directly from our manufacturing facilities.

For additional information and details, contact us.